Technology Overpowering Disability

Watch Dr. Amit Goffer, a Technion alumnus and one of Israel’s most inspiring entrepreneurs. Goffer, experienced a tragic accident confining him to a wheelchair and has since been developing alternative modes of transport to the traditional wheelchair. Goffer shares the stroy’s behind the development of…

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Q&A w Nobel laureate – Prof. Aaron Ciechanover

Over the past two decades, eight Israeli scientists have won the Nobel Prize, an extraordinary achievement for a country of its size and population. Winning a Nobel prize is an honour that is reserved for a few extraordinary people. It is the highest recognition a…

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Covid19 – Are we prepared for a second wave?

With the easing of the lockdown rules, concerns are being sounded about a possible second wave of Covid-19. The second wave of the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918-20 was particularly devastating, as was the second wave of the Swine Flu epidemic in 2009-10. So what…

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Covid-19 Impact On Business – How Do We Reinvent Ourselves

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every industry sector. Small, medium and large businesses are paying a heavy price to sustain themselves during this crisis, requiring many to reassess their business model, services, offerings and strategy. With restrictions easing, our business executives and government leadership…

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Warren Bingham

Technion hosts Warren Bingham

Wow, what a way to kick start our TechNovation series! Last week, a strong 60 guests joined Warren Bingham at a lunch hosted by William Buck. Warren is a key player in bringing PillCam to Australia. PillCam, the world’s first digestible camera is regarded among…

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PillCam® Among Technion’s Greatest Medical Inventions

Technion Australia is proud to launch a new series – TechNovation. Hear from @Warren Bingham– the man who brought PillCam to Australia. PillCam is the world’s first digestible camera and is regarded among Israel’s / Technion’s greatest medical inventions. (places are limited)

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Prof. Dan Shechtman

Nobel Prize Laureate, Prof. Dan Shechtman

7 Sept – Technion Australia was honoured to host Nobel Prize Laureate, Prof. Dan Shechtman for an intimate lunch where he discussed his theory on creating the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Among our distinguished guests, we were privileged to welcome the former…

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Professor Shulamit Levenberg Technion

Blending Art and Science at the Olsen Gallery, Woollahra

Over 70 Technion Australia members and supporters recently enjoyed a private viewing of the latest paintings of renowned artist Peter Churcher at the beautiful Olsen Gallery, Woollahra. The evening’s Guest of Honour was Professor Shulamit Levenberg, Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at Technion Israel Institute of Technology…

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