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If you will it, it is no Dream – David Shein, entrepreneur, investor, mentor

In a sold out boardroom lunch, David Shein, among our community’s most successful entrepreneurs shared rules and principles that he believes make a successful enterprise. Hard work, clear vision and implementing a good business model are only part of what it takes in creating a…

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Security Vulnerability in the Cortana-Alexa Partnership Demonstrates Lock Screen Bypass

Student at the Computer Science Department of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology has uncovered a significant cybersecurity risk at the interface between the voice-controlled digital assistants of Microsoft and Amazon  Yuval Ron A previously unknown security vulnerability in the partnership between voice assistants…

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3d Corals

Innovative 3D–design saves coral reefs

World’s first bioplastic and ceramic tile coral reef, developed by Prof. Ezri Tarazi, head of the Industrial Design Graduate Program at Technion, in collaboration with marine biologists at Ben-Gurion University. The Technion-BGU team are developing state-of-the-art design technologies to rehabilitate the underwater world. Watch video.

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Why Technion?


Particularly its next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. 70% of CEOs and VPs of high-tech industries in Israel are Technion graduates, responsible for some of the world’s most significant breakthroughs.

A world leading university

Reflecting on its commitment to excellence and making an impact, Technion is the highest ranking university in Israel and among the worlds leading in science, engineering and technology.  

Saying yes to coexistence

In a country where ethnical and religious backgrounds are often so controversial ~20% of Technion’s students are of minority religious background . This is also an important argument against the BDS movement.

women leadership

Half of the Technion students and staff are female.


Be part of a global movement dedicated to making an impact both in Israel and on humanity

Technion is among the world’s leading universities dedicated to science, engineering and technology. Based in Israel (Haifa) with campuses in China (Guangdong) and New York (a partnership with Cornell Uni), it is home to three Nobel Prize laureates (and one alumnus laureate) as well as many of Israel’s and humanity’s greatest inventions.

These include: Iron Dome, ReWalk (wearable robotic exoskeleton, enabling individuals with spinal cord injury to stand upright and walk), USB Flash Drive, Pillcam (endoscopy camera capsule) and Drip Irrigation to name a few.

Technion is committed to supporting its scientist and researchers – ensuring the future leaders and entrepreneurs of Israel can continue to flourish.