Q&A w Nobel laureate – Prof. Aaron Ciechanover

Over the past two decades, eight Israeli scientists have won the Nobel Prize, an extraordinary achievement for a country of its size and population.

Winning a Nobel prize is an honour that is reserved for a few extraordinary people. It is the highest recognition a scientist can achieve; it’s like winning the Oscar for best actor, an Emmy for the best song, or winning a Tennis grand slam.

In 2004, Prof. Aaron Ciechanover and colleagues, Prof. Avram Hershko and Prof. Irwin Rose received the prestigious Nobel prize in Chemistry for their discovery of the Ubiquitin protein. This discovery illuminates the process by which the cells of most living organisms remove unwanted proteins and it has transformed the way cancer and other degenerative diseases are treated.

Technion Australia and the Australian Academy of Science are honoured to welcome Prof. Ciechanover at our next webinar.

In conversation with Anna-Maria Arabia, CEO of the Australian Academy of Science, Ciechanover discusses the future of medicine, cancer, Alzheimer, Dementia and Covid19 research, talks about Israel’s unique entrepreneurial ecosystem and how it impacts global research, and shares from his journey to winning a Nobel prize.

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