Israeli scientists say humans regrowing body parts might be possible

Technion University researchers are tackling one of the most pressing medical issues: loss of tissue. Prof. Shulamit Levenberg and her team in the Biomedical Engineering Department have pioneered research that could make it easier for humans to cultivate tissue, Technion UK stated in a press release on Monday. Levenberg said she is currently working on autografting to make this a reality, which is the procedure of moving tissue from one part of the body to another. However, new pioneering research from the Technion might make this process a lot easier.  This is just one of many new innovations that are coming out of the Technion, as the school has been considered the leading institution for Israeli innovation. Long-term implications of Levenberg’s could lead to allowing patients to receive bone and tissue matter in a vat, rather than needing to remove it from another part of their body.   

Alan Aziz, CEO of Technion UK, said that the process of humans growing their own body-part replacements in a lab sounds like science fiction, but may soon become a reality. “It may soon become reality thanks to pioneering research at the Technion – and that’s the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth!” he said. Just last month, the Technion came out with another groundbreaking innovation that can quickly diagnose tuberculosis. 

Source: Jerusalem Post

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