Non-Invasive Ventilators

Tamar Robotics has developed a protective hood enabling safer non-invasive ventilation for COVID-19 Patients.

Tamar Robotics founded by Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering Prof. Moshe Shoham is protecting medical teams who are at the front line in the battle against the coronavirus. Tamar Robotics has developed a protective hood enabling safer non-Invasive ventilation for COVID-19 Patients. The “NIV Greenhouseâ„¢ from Tamar Robotics consists of a plastic hood covering the patient’s upper body from which the air is filtered using a standard clean room air filter. This creates a barrier between the patient and the medical staff. Multiple hoods can be connected to a single filtration system. One of the main benefits of using NIV hoods is that coronavirus patients can be treated in a non-invasive manner. Until now, the standard treatment for severe cases of Covid-19 involved attaching the patient to a ventilator that requires intubation, for which the patient must be heavily sedated. Non-invasive ventilation systems have not been used till now for these patients.

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