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Technion Priority Projects


  • Sponsor a post graduate student OR
  • Sponsor an Australian high school student to attend a
    Technion exclusive research programs

Medical Research

  • Novel System for Delivering Anti-Cancer Drugs to
    Pediatric Tumors
  • The Pacemaker Signature: A Noninvasive Method to
    Identify Failing of the physiological Heart Pacemaker
  • Development of Low-Cost Lab-on-a-Chip Devices for Early Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer


  • Rainfall-infiltration-runoff relationships in water- harvesting
    systems and their effect on groundwater recharge and flood
    regulation in semi-arid and arid environments
  • New energy efficient freshwater source: atmospheric
    moisture harvesting by means of liquid desiccant vapor
  • Soil Aquifer Treatment (SAT) as a measure for reducing
    aquifer contamination from agricultural backflow