Lab-Grown Muscle Sucks Up Sugar to Fight Diabetes

Written by Elizabeth Millard posted originally at WebMD Scientists from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, have found a new way to possibly treat type 2 diabetes someday, according to a new research.   In addition to helping you move your body, your muscles also keep…

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The Formula Technion Team (standing from left): Ahmad Rabi, Ayham Abu Eid, Dima Abu Romi, Doron Shpigel, Muans Omari, Sharon Goldstein, Keren Grinberg, and Itamar Ventura; (kneeling from left): Oriel Mizrahi and Salman Abdalla. Photo by Nitzan Zohar/Technion Spokesperson’s Office

Technion Unveils Its First Autonomous Electric Formula Car

The Formula Student competition in Europe this summer is a platform for new technological developments.   The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Formula racecar team unveiled the first-ever autonomous electric vehicle in the team’s history since 2012. They designed and built it for the Formula Student International Design…

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