Technion and Rambam Announce the Establishment of a Joint Research Fund for Human Health

Technion and Rambam leadership and researchers share joint initiatives

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Rambam Health Care Campus have established a joint fund for research in human health. The fund will be directed towards the development of new therapies, rapid diagnostics, technologies to protect medical staff, innovations in healthcare and more. These interdisciplinary projects will bring together physicians, engineers and scientists in collaborative research.

The fund was a joint initiative of Technion President Professor Uri Sivan and Rambam General Director Dr. Michael Halberthal, as the strong partnership between the two institutions intensified during the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Israel. As part of the cooperation during this period, joint research was carried out by Technion researchers and Rambam medical teams. These collaborations yielded innovative developments that have already had an impact on treating patients, reducing infection, and protecting medical staff.

Rambam General Director Dr. Michael Halberthal: “In recent months, the world has faced a health crisis which has affected all areas of life. A crisis of such proportions also presents opportunities. In our case, the situation boosted the joint collaboration between physician, researcher, inventor, and engineer in their shared fight to curb COVID-19 and was based on a longstanding partnership between Rambam and Technion. This is how connections and solutions were created for all aspects of diagnostics and therapeutics during this crisis – this is the strength of our partnership.”

Technion President Prof. Uri Sivan: “Following the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, Technion has taken steps to tackle the situation on all fronts – diagnosis, exit strategy, personalized therapies, reducing the spread of infection, and protecting medical staff. This was done by pooling our expertise, from artificial intelligence and mathematical modeling to immunology, chemical engineering, robotics, and so on. The close ties between Technion and Rambam—as well as between medicine and engineering—is of enormous benefit in the war against COVID-19.”

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