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News from the Technion Society of Australia

Technion Australia Appoints New Executive Director

Technion Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of its new national Executive Director, Hilary May Black.

President, Dr Ruth Ratner, and the Board of Technion Australia are looking forward to a new and exciting future for the society.

We are in the process of updating our branding and will be expanding our activities significantly in the coming months,” says Dr Ratner.

First up for Technion Australia in 2017 is “SciTech”, an exceptional opportunity for talented Year 10 – 12 students to join Technion’s International Summer Science Camp in July/August 2017 at the Technion in Haifa, Israel.


Professor Dame Marie Bashir Scholarship Program announced

Technion Australia has established the Professor the Honourable Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO Scholarship Program to honour the awarding of a Doctor Honoris Causa to her by the Technion and her agreeing to become the NSW Patron of Technion Australia.

The Program provides scholarships to enable Australian students from high school to post graduate to attend the Technion.

“We wanted to do something that would reflect Professor Bashir’s lifelong commitment to adolescents and young adults as well as the disadvantaged and students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background, “ president, Dr Ruth Ratner said.


Professor Dame Marie Bashir new Technion Australia Patron

Dr Ruth Ratner, President of Technion Australia and TSA Environmental Research, has announced that Professor the Honourable Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO has agreed to become Patron of both organisations.

Professor Bashir was awarded the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate) by Technion in 2016 for her outstanding and significant contribution to psychiatry and mental health; in tribute to her public service and leadership in building understanding between people of all backgrounds; and for her support and friendship to the Jewish People, Israel and the Technion.

“Professor Bashir has had a long association with the Sydney Jewish Community and has been a strong supporter of the Technion, attending a number of our events over recent years,” Dr Ratner, said.

“We value her support and in particular her counsel. She is a wonderful role model to both young and old,” she said.

“We are very honoured that Professor Bashir, a woman who has reached the pinnacle of her medical, academic, and civil lives, has chosen to identify with the Technion, Israel’s leading scientific, engineering and technological university, and one of only five such universities to also have a medical faculty,” she said.

Professor Bashir said that although she had been honoured with a continuing number of patronages of worthy groups she was humbled and proud of Technion Australia’s request.

The Technion is Israel’s oldest university, recognised world wide for its scientific, engineering and technological prowess, and is acknowledged as the engine room of much of Israel’s development, high tech and economy.


New Australian partners

The Technion has signed Memoranda of Understanding with Macquarie University in Sydney and University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth as part of its ongoing program to become a global university.

“The Technion, Israel’s foremost high tech, scientific and engineering university, is continuing to build collaboration with other leading universities throughout the world,” said Technion Australia president Dr Ruth Ratner.

“With its track record in innovation and particularly through its alumni, entrepreneurship, the Technion is a hotly sought after partner by the world’s leading universities. It receives requests every day and as a relatively small university (13,000 students and 600 faculty) it has had to become selective in choosing partners.”

“In this context, for the Technion to sign agreements with two Australian universities within 6 months is a testimonial to the quality of research at these universities and a reflection of the high esteem that each holds for the other,” she said.

Both agreements facilitate student exchange and academic exchange as well as research collaboration.

The UWA agreement was signed by UWA Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, Professor Robyn Owens, and Technion Executive Vice President Research, Professor Wayne Kaplan, during the annual Technion Board of Governors’ Meeting. Australian Technion Governor, Peter Hersh, hosted a UWA delegation at the Governors meeting.

The Macquarie University agreement was exchanged at a small ceremony in Sydney by Technion Australia president and Australian Technion Governor, Dr Ratner, and Macquarie Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, Professor Sakkie Pretorius.

Technion Australia is working with UWA and the Technion Automated Systems Program to develop a major research collaboration in the area of automated system for marine gas engineering. The project was selected after discussions with a number of potential partners, industry groups and the Western Australia Government.

“Our aim is to develop a project that will benefit both Australia and Israel. UWA has a world leading position in marine gas engineering and the Technion has a similar reputation in automated systems. The continuing challenges of gas fields in the North West Shelf off Western Australia and new discoveries of gas off the coast of Israel make this a national priority in both countries,” Dr Ratner said.

Macquarie University has leading researchers in fields as varied as biblical archaeology, quantum physics, environmental sciences and biomedical engineering. Similarly to the Technion it is breaking new ground in multi-disciplinary research.

“There are already a number of individual collaborations underway and there is much enthusiasm at Macquarie to partner with Technion researchers in a major project,” Dr Ratner added.

The Technion also has agreements with University of NSW, Sydney University, University of Technology Sydney, Newcastle University, Melbourne University, Monash University and Swinburne University.